John Durso

Front-End Web Developer

Detroit, Michigan

About John

I am a web designer and front-end web developer with just under 9 years of experience. I spent the early part of my career with two different small agencies, mainly managing Wordpress sites, building pages with basic HTML/CSS/PHP, along with social media management and Ruby on Rails development.

Where I'm at today

I'm currently a Web Designer and Front-End Web Developer at Thomson Reuters, where I handle large-scale email campaigns, Wordpress development, and Adobe Experience Manager development. I chose this field because I'm fueled by the constant desire to learn. With the development world constantly evolving, I like to remain active in courses and reading material relating to all things web. My expertise and main interests lie in the foundation of the web: HTML, CSS, and Vanilla JavaScript. I also like to stay active in freelancing!

Check out my most recent clientele — Granite Import Solutions and CHR Communications.

Outside of coding

In my free time, when I'm not in the working world, I find myself traveling, learning mixology, gaming , and woodworking.

I'm also an avid music fan! I've played the drums in two bands, and toured a little bit. I listen to anything from hardcore punk, to jazz, to '80s pop.

Last, but not least, I'm a big sports fan — football, baseball, hockey. I rep Detroit sports to a fault.