John Durso

Front-End Web Developer

Detroit, Michigan

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    New site for CHR Commnunications...

    October 14, 2018

    I was luckily enough to work directly with CHR's founders, Kathy Hourigan and Chris Colcer, when designing and coding their new site!

    For decades, Kathy and Chris have had a successful business throughout Metro Detroit and Metro Charlotte. They've done this without having a website built within the last 10+ years. They decided it was time for an update!

    Their past site was built on the content management system Wix, which is fine for those who are just getting off the ground, but these ladies have been making a killing for a while. So they contacted me in hopes to get a site done quickly and efficiently.

    Chris provided the copy, and Kathy provided the assets! With all of the necessities to begin working on the site, we got to the drawing board! At first they had no clue what they wanted, so I designed and coded a few examples, and we ended up with a responsive single-page site. One page, all the info they need potential clients to know, and contact information for the two of them.

    From start to finish, the entire process took just over a week! They're very happy with the finished product, and I can easily say they were some of my favorite clients to work with.

    Check out their site!